Looking for a quick, resistant and cost-effective solution to build?

Flexmade - Structural Panels

What is Flexmade?

Flexmade are structural panels developed with innovative technology, allowing many different types of constructions, habitable or not, with excellent finishing, thermoacoustic isolation and fireproof.

Have you ever thought of building 200-250 m² a day?

The installation process is fast and practical: it is possible to assemble about 200 to 250m² in a day with the help of roughly 4 people, and a single truck is capable of loading up to 125 panels - which is the right amount to build a construction of 120m².

In addition, Flexmade constructions can be easily dismantled and reassembled, with 100% of reuse. That is, once you acquire the panels, it is possible to build as many projects as needed, according to the company's demand.


Flexmade panels meet the requirements of NR18, which are: the implementation of control measures and preventive safety systems in the processes, conditions and working environment in the construction industry. They are also capable of resisting corrosion, earthquakes and other impacts, including international certifications in water and fire resistance. They also meet the following standards: NR 18, ABNT NBR 15575, ABNT NBR 5628, ISO 140-3, ISO 717-1, BSS 7239, ASTM E662, ASTM E162, ASTM E635, ASTM D1929 and ASTM D2843. The tests were carried out in the largest and most renowned laboratories and institutes.


Discover the advantages of Flexmade structural panels and find out why this is the best option for your construction
  • Thermoacoustic insulationthe panels present a high index of thermoacoustic insulation, providing low exchange of heat and sounds with the external environment. Reduction of 36dB with no need of add-ons.
  • Fire resistanceSlows down the propagation of fire, making it safer to users in the case of fire, unlike materials such as wood, container, concrete, steel frame, and others.
  • Resistance to corrosionIt has high resistance to termites and corrosion caused by chemicals, weathering and natural effects, such as salt spray. It also has 100% watertightness.
  • Resistance to HurricanesTests carried out at PRI's laboratory, world leader in assessments of building materials, have proven that the panels are resistant to strong winds, including hurricanes.
  • Resistance to earthquakesTests were carried out at the Laboratory of Anti-seismic Structures at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
  • Flexibility With three different measures, it is possible build whatever you want. If you already have a project, it is very simple to tailor it according to the needs of your business.
  • PracticalityIts light structure makes the construction very fast and facilitates the transportation of material. One single small truck can load up to 125 panels - the amount needed to build 120m². In addition to reducing logistic costs with freight, it facilitates and fastens transportation.
  • FinishingIt has an excellent finish on all surfaces, eliminating the need to paint or apply other materials after installation. The quality of the product also makes the cleaning process very simple.
  • Climate VersatilityIt is certified in the eight bioclimatic zones of the country - that is: it can be used from North to South, without suffering from weather or temperature interference.
  • SustainabilityIts high reuse rate and the absence of water use during the production, assembly and disassembly process make the panel a sustainable option. In addition, they do not require the need for a waste disposal site.
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