Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Flexmade

What is Flexmade?

Flexmade are structural panels developed to solve the main problems of Civil Construction: high cost of labor, long time for completion project, waste of materials, expenditure of electricity, among others.

Because they are manufactured with an innovative material, they are light, easy to assemble and transport, and can speed up the work by up to 12 times compared to other materials, such as container, concrete, steel frame and wood.

They are certified in resistance to earthquakes, corrosion, fire, impacts and hurricane, in addition to having thermoacoustic insulation and 100% watertightness and reuse and can be assembled and disassembled as many times as necessary.

Why is Flexmade the best option?

Gain speed: One of the biggest advantages is speed in construction, covering 200 to 250 m² per day, that is, the delivery schedule is guaranteed!

Little labor: Its light structure makes the construction process fast and guarantees practicality in the assembly, disassembly and reassembly process, with minimal interventions in operational routines – which cooperates to lower costs;

Assemble and dismantle your way: It allows versatility in the development of plant models and layouts according to your business needs, assembling, expanding and disassembling repeatedly with 100% reuse.

No need to paint: With excellent class A surface finish on all product surfaces, a Flexmade panel does not require painting after assembly, in addition to easy cleaning and application of adhesives.

Thermoacoustic insulation: It has thermoacoustic insulation with low heat and sound exchange, improving health, quality of life, and increasing the feeling of well-being in environments built with Flexmade panels.

Fire resistance: Reduces life and construction risks with the additives present in the Flexmade panel, which makes it flame resistant – resulting in great fire resistance.

Structural strength: It has excellent dimensional stability and reduced rate of contraction, does not crack or crack. All proven with tests and certifications.

Inert corrosion and termites : High resistance to termites and corrosion, caused by chemicals, weather, natural effects and insects.

Less environmental impact: High reuse rate during the assembly and disassembly process; low noise level; the non-use of water and the absence of waste, make our panel a clean and sustainable solution.

Certified safety: Meets the requirements of Regulatory Standard No. 18 – Working Conditions and Environment in the Construction Industry.

How is the Flexmade assembly process?

Choose the Solution: Define which Flexmade solution is ideal for your project.

Layout definition : Select a ready-made layout or our team of engineers and architects develops a custom layout for you.

Types of bases: The Flexmade construction system is adaptable to any type of base (concrete, metal, etc.).

Quick assembly: Once the base is defined, our qualified professionals assemble the chosen solution quickly.

Guaranteed key delivery: When you least expect it, our team will deliver the key and guarantees that only a structure made with Flexmade panels has.

Why did we develop Flexmade panels?

Our panels were developed based on a demand identified in the industrial area: the need for an industrialized construction system that solves the replacement of the traditional construction pattern.

What is the QSMS policy?

Flexmade establishes a commitment to the continuous improvement of its integrated management system, giving priority to protecting the environment, safety and health at work. To this end, we commit to:

  • Use high-performance equipment and cutting-edge technology to strengthen services, with quality, meeting customer requirements;
  • To constantly improve internal processes to meet customer needs;
  • To continuously improve the performance of the integrated management system;
  • Prevent pollution, identifying and controlling the aspects and impacts caused to the environment through environmental management programs;
  • Prevent occupational accidents and illnesses in the performance of its activities and services, and ensure good health and safety performance;
  • Meet the requirements of environmental legality, safety, health and other interested parties, applicable to the activities and services by the company.
What technology does Flexmade use?

Flexmade panels are an innovative modular construction solution for habitable structures, permanent or temporary, created from a reinforced compound consisting of a thermostable resin matrix, glass fiber, mineral fillers and other additives to improve the performance of your project. Watch the video. < / div>

What are the main applications of Flexmade structural panels?

Construction of habitable structures in industrial areas, such as new buildings, expansions, renovations and use of areas with idle spaces. What do you need to build?

What are the advantages of Flexmade over conventional construction?
  • Reduction of construction times by 1/3 of the time, when compared to the conventional method;
  • Relief in foundations, due to the reduced weight and uniform distribution of efforts through light and self-supporting walls – which provides a cost of 30% to 40% per square meter lower than conventional;
  • Thermoacoustic performance;
  • Easy maintenance of hydraulic, electrical, air conditioning, gas, etc.
  • Lower direct and indirect costs, due to reduced deadlines and the absence of common losses in conventional buildings;
  • Reduced labor and therefore less HH exposure to the risk of accidents at work.