Flexmade – Structural Panels

What is Flexmade?

Flexmade are structural panels developed with innovative technology that allows various types of habitable or non-habitable constructions, with excellent finish, thermo-acoustic insulation and flameproof.

Have you thought about building 200 to 250 m² per day?

The installation process is quick and practical: it is possible to assemble between 200 and 250m² in a day with just 4 people, and a single truck is capable of loading up to 125 panels – the necessary for a 120m² construction.

With a single investment, you can carry out different works

A Flexmade construction can be easily disassembled and reassembled, with 100% reuse. That is, when purchasing the panels once, it is possible to build as many projects as you want, according to the needs of your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Flexmade panels meet the requirements of NR18, which establishes the implementation of control measures and preventive safety systems in the processes, conditions and working environment in the construction industry. They are also certified for corrosion resistance, earthquakes and other impacts, including international certifications, such as tightness, fire resistance, hurricane and earthquake resistance. They also meet the following standards: NR 18, ABNT NBR 15575, ABNT NBR 5628, ISO 140-3, ISO 717-1, BSS 7239, ASTM E662, ASTM E162, ASTM E635, ASTM D1929 and ASTM D2843.


Why is Flexmade the best constructive solution? Discover the advantages of Flexmade, structural panel, and find out why this is the best option for your project:


Thermoacoustic insulation: It has a high index of thermoacoustic insulation, providing low heat and sound exchange with the external environment. 36dB reduction without the need for add-ons.


Fire resistance: Slows down the spread of fire, allowing users to be safer in the event of fires, unlike materials such as wood, container, concrete, steel frame, among others.


Corrosion Resistance: It has high resistance to termites and corrosion caused by chemicals, weathering and natural effects, such as sea air. It also has 100% tightness.


Hurricane Resistance: Tests carried out in the PRI laboratory, the world leader in building material assessments, proved that the panels are resistant to strong winds, including hurricane.


Earthquake resistance: Tests were carried out at the Anti-seismic Structures Laboratory, of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.


Flexibility: With three different measures, you can build anything you want. If you already have a project, it is very simple to adapt it according to the needs of your business.


Praticidade: Sua estrutura leve torna a construção muito rápida e facilita o transporte do material. Um único caminhão de pequeno porte é capaz de carregar até 125 painéis – o necessário para uma construção de 120m². Além de reduzir os custos de logística com o frete, facilita e agiliza o transporte.


Finishing: It has an excellent finish on all its surfaces, eliminating the need for painting or applying other materials after installation. The quality of the product also makes cleaning easier.


Climate Versatility: It is certified in the eight bioclimatic zones of the country – that is: it can be used from North to South, without suffering interference from climate or temperature.


Sustainability: Its high rate of reuse and the absence of water use during the production, assembly and disassembly process make the panel a sustainable option. In addition, they do not need a place to dispose of waste.