If you are planning to build your house, it is worth knowing Flexmade structural panels. Much more resistant than wood and concrete, they have an excellent finish that eliminates the need for painting or any intervention with another type of material.

Not to mention the speed of the work: a 100m² project built in the traditional way can take up to 4 months to complete. With structural panels, this same work would be 12 times faster (two weeks), since with our technology it is possible to build up to 250m² in a single day.

In addition, it is worth remembering that a masonry construction requires indirect costs with labor and equipment, such as food, transportation and rental.

Our panels are also ideal for those who want to build houses in the countryside or on the beach: they have thermo-acoustic insulation, are resistant to corrosion and are certified for the country’s eight bioclimatic zones – that is, they can be used from North to South, regardless of the climate.

Want to know more? Our experts help you from the design of the project to the selection and installation of coatings and complements.

With the Flexmade panel, your project will be built with much more speed, quality and economy.

Discover how to build quickly, clean and resistant.