Railway Shelter – Shelters

Shelters with Flexmade panels can be built according to the customer’s need, due to the flexibility of application of our panels. Perfect for housing electrical and electronic equipment , the structures can be habitable or not .
There is also the possibility of working with various types of internal and external finishes, such as concrete, drywall and MDF; in addition to different types of external texture, reducing aggression to the local landscape .

– Robustness, with great structural resistance allowing transportation in carts or trucks (they have lifting points) according to the size of the shelter.
– Thermal insulation, optimizing the efficiency of the air conditioning system.
– High weather resistance.

– It has electrical continuity. That is, in a system where there is a need for grounding, the shelter will also be grounded with the equipment.
– They can be equipped with a temperature automation system, humidity control integrated with a fire control system, turning off the cooling system when the fire system operates.
– Fire station with smoke sensors, push buttons, sirens and others.
– Automatic control of dumpers and exhaust fans.
– Security center, distributed in zones with personalized access passwords.
– Lighting system (LED), reducing energy consumption and increasing the lighting quality of the place.
– Floor with abrasion resistant paint.
– Door opening and closing alarm.

The Flexmade shelter can be integrated to serve different types of operations such as: telecommunication, communication and control rooms (railways / hotbox); training; meeting; medical support; among others. Flexmade builds and integrates each shelter according to the needs and specifications of the application, delivering a unique and exclusive product to each customer.

Other advantages:
– Mobility
– Protection against vandalism
– Construction speed
– Reduced Cost
– Low maintenance cost
– Easy cleaning
– Flame-retardant

Want to know more? Our experts help you from the design of the project to the selection and installation of coatings and complements.

With the Flexmade panel, your project will be built with much more speed, quality and economy.

Discover how to build quickly, clean and resistant.