Innovative solutions


The Flexmade structural panel is the best option for a modern office structure and that has a reduced construction time . As the material is light, the construction process becomes fast and guarantees practicality during assembly, disassembly and reassembly, with minimal interventions in operational routines – which cooperates to lower costs.

Acoustic Barriers

Our panel guarantees acoustic and protective closure with quick installation and removal , excellent finish and durability, weather and corrosion resistance, smooth and finished, in addition to allowing plotting.

Electric Rooms

The electrical room made with Flexmade panels is a constructive solution for the most varied needs in power substations and industrial plants , and can be assembled in various sizes, at the installation site. or in modules tested at the factory, offering fast delivery times, with easy integration of the substation control, monitoring and data acquisition functionalities.

Thermal barriers

Our panels are ideal for the protection of cooling towers . Built with steel and wood, the towers are in great demand for maintenance, as these materials suffer from temperature variations and the most diverse types of liquids and gases resulting from spraying processes.


Ideal option for those looking to have construction site , or even in their home, sentry boxes for their collaborators .

Locker rooms

In addition to thermal insulation, a locker room built with Flexmade structural panels has easy installation of electrical and hydraulic components , reducing expense, construction time and environmental impacts.


If you are looking for hygiene and thermal insulation for your cafeteria , building it with structural panels is the best option. In addition to being super easy to clean and reducing the exchange of heat and sounds, our panels are self-supporting interconnected and allow ventilation and lighting in accordance with the standards set by federal, state or municipal legislation.


If you are planning to build your house, it is worth knowing Flexmade structural panels . Much more resistant than wood and concrete , they have an excellent finish that eliminates the need for painting or any intervention with another type of material.

Shelter Railway – Shelters

shelters with Flexmade panels can be built according to the customer’s need, due to the flexibility of application of our panels. Perfect for housing electrical and electronic equipment , the structures can be habitable or not .
There is also the possibility of working with various types of internal and external finishes, such as concrete, drywall and MDF; in addition to different types of external texture, reducing aggression to the local landscape .

Tooling and Deposits

The possibility of assembling, disassembling and assembling the structure again, with 100% reuse, and as many times as you want , is the main reason why customers choose Flexmade panels for the construction of tool shops and warehouses.

Mobile Modular Office

Are you looking for a modern, modular building that has a reduced construction time to meet emergency situations? With a Flexbox – module built with Flexmade structural panels, you can set up offices, meeting rooms , or any other project, in a short time, without giving up a product of quality and elegance.


To have on your construction site or even to mount on a platform , cabins built with Flexmade panels are an modern and comfortable solution option for remote locations or not, as they are easy to mobilize / demobilize and move around .

Commercial Modules

Food trucks; fixed or temporary store; bathrooms for weddings, graduations and social or corporate events. Why not build your structure with Flexmade panels?

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