Tooling and Deposits

The possibility of assembling, disassembling and assembling the structure again, with 100% reuse, and as many times as you want , is the main reason why customers choose Flexmade panels for the construction of tool shops and warehouses.

The ease of transporting the structure also draws attention. So, if there is a need to change the tooling or the warehouse or if you decide to transform it into another project, the process is practical, fast and requires little labor and only a screwdriver .

In addition, the panels are resistant to impacts (even earthquakes!), Fire, corrosion, strong winds and have thermo-acoustic insulation (providing low heat exchange and sounds with the external environment) and 100% watertightness, and can still be exposed to sun, without drying out, and rain.

Want to know more? Our experts help you from the design of the project to the selection and installation of coatings and complements.

With the Flexmade panel, your project will be built with much more speed, quality and economy.

Discover how to build quickly, clean and resistant.