Commercial Modules

Construction time: 1 day

Food trucks; fixed or temporary store; bathrooms for weddings, graduations and social or corporate events. Why not build your structure with Flexmade panels?

They are light and easily transported, being able to be assembled and disassembled repeatedly, in different places, with 100% reuse.

You can sticker them any way you want, according to the identity of your event or brand. Our panels also do not use water during the assembly process, nor do they generate waste – making your business more sustainable.

All structures have comfortable spaces, excellent finishing, thermoacoustic insulation and 100% watertightness.

Building a structure with Flexmade panels can still be 12 times faster than a traditional work, in addition to the panels being more resistant than concrete and more flexible than a container.

Want to know more? Our experts help you from the design of the project to the selection and installation of coatings and complements.

With the Flexmade panel, your project will be built with much more speed, quality and economy.

Discover how to build quickly, clean and resistant.